How Can An Auto Accident Damage Your Body


Many people will seek out chiropractic care in Encinitas after having an auto injury.  A common auto injury, whiplash, occurs when the head and neck are whipped from back to front, similar to how a whip is cracked.

ALL auto accidents are damaging. The type of vehicle collision matters.  The two most horrific collisions are the Side Impact and the Double Crunch Collisions.  The side impact is where the out-of-control car T-bones your car.  It hits on the side.  The neck has such a limited range of motion sideways.  The neck was not designed to have excessive movement sideways.  A 3-5mph side impact may produce up to  3-7 G forces on the neck.  4 G forces is what it takes to catapult a fighter jet off an aircraft carrier.

The Double Crunch Collision is when your car is hit from behind and then crashed into the car in front of you.  In a millisecond, you have suffered two injuries to the same body.  This second whiplash creates deeper tears to the already torn tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the neck.


The Effects of a Collision:


Fact:  Auto rear-end impacts, which occur at 6-12 mph, create the most whiplash effect upon a person’s neck. Auto accident tear muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia.   88% of these accident victims will result in a permanent impairment, from the effects of whiplash.  The victim will endure this pain for the rest of their lives.  The range of impairment and pain often is connected to the kind of treatment, if any, the victim receives after the accident.  Chiropractic has been recognized as the most effective treatment for auto accidents.



Encinitas Chiropractor Dr. Brian Wofford also works with many medical doctors and clinics to make sure every aspect of injury is addressed.  Conscious and unconscious concussions are often undiagnosed in auto accidents.  Some questions to help:  Did you lose consciousness?  Were you dazed after the accident?  Do you suffer from constant headaches or dizziness?   Concussions are so serious if undetected and untreated. Concussions cause many lifelong complications.

The good news is with advanced care and treatment protocols, which are simple, and streamlined, the victim who becomes a patient may recover as well as their body will allow.  Wofford Chiropractic Clinic is the leader in examining, reporting, and treating our patients to relieve their pain and return them to the enjoyment of life.


Muscle heals better than tendons and ligaments because of their structure and blood supply.  Nobody parts ever heal as new.  Scar tissue is not as elastic as original fibers.  They are not as pliable or flexible or as strong.  They may give way and re-injure more after their original incident or injury.  Athletes suffering from these injuries are usually not as fast or as strong.  Often their careers are on the downward slide after these types of injuries.  A car accident is equal to your personal being hit by The Oakland Raider’s entire offensive line at 15 MPH.  Not good for you!


If you are suffering from a car accident injury, Dr. Wofford can help!. Please call (760) 943-8500 and schedule your appointment today.